Internet Claims- General

        The information on the internet regarding aromatherpay is limitless. One could spend
hours researching aromatherapy and how it can help alleviate stress. But, the majority of
information available is accessed on pages that are also selling a product. Therefore a
majority of available information needs to be questioned.
         For example one page was entitled Betsy’s Gift Shop. On a closer look one could
discover all sorts of things in Betsy’s Gift Shop. Actually Betsy shares a page with a
fellow named Bill Brown. Betsy, it seems, has the gift shop; and Bill sells Marine
Electronics. On an even closer look one could find all sorts of ‘gifts’ that are available.
Betsey sells everything and anything from porcelain dolls, gifts ‘for the golfer’, music
boxes, Elvis memorabilia, and low and behold essential oils. Quite a combination!!
         As with many pages one can quickly determining the credibility of that page. When
determining credibility one should look for who is the author of the site and what their
purpose is for preparing the site. Most, if not all, retailers lack proof or back-up to what
they are claiming. Most claim that the oils can cure illnesses of all kinds, but none provide
clinical research to back up their claims.
         Most pages are clearly designed to look ‘natural’ and be very convincing. Some
show the actual products while others entice the eye with scenes of trees or other plants.
They use words like “100% pure”, and “proven fact”.  But, a critical reader will question
what is pure and who has proven these facts.
         As with anyone trying to sell a product today, aromatherapy companies will do just
about anything to get the consumer to buy their product. The internet it no different than
other forms of advertising. Consumers must be aware of what is ‘fact’ and what is just
‘hype’ designed to sell a product.
         While there are some credible sources on the internet regarding aromatherapy and
its use in stress reduction, the majority of sites are just plain adverting and its claims
should be severely questioned.

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