Just as lavender has been cited to combat stress, so has the use of the essential oil lemon.
But, just like lavender, lemon  appears to be a quite versatile oil in that it too heal many
         The botanical name for lemon is Citrus limonum.  Lemon is obtained by cold
expression of the peel of the citrus limonum (or lemon fruit).
         The citrus qualities of lemon promote a psychological energy which can lead to
stress reduction. Lemon can be used to cool, refresh and uplift the emotions and/or mind.
This, leads to stress reduction. “[Lemon] clears the head, improves concentration and
memory, helps combat depression, bitterness, irrational fears, and mental blocks”
          While lemon is best known for its use in stress reduction or relaxation, lemon can
also be used to treat a variety of different conditions or illnesses. Lemon is said to be
refreshing, stimulating and uplifting (http://www/ccdaroma.com/frag.htm). Other sites
claim that Lemon can be used to cure the following: corns and warts, greasy skin, poor
circulation, varicose veins, throat infections, colds, flu, and immune deficiencies
(http://www.quickresults.com.au/aromtherapy/lemon.htm).  Lemon oil, like clary sage,  is
exceptionally beneficial (like all citrus oils)  in that it blends well with other herbs.
Therefore a more powerful aroma can be created

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