Exercise and Sports 

Topic Link Author  Date Added
Weight Loss - Is there any Magic? magic  David Schlundt, Ph.D. 12/10/96 
Yoga Yoga Gena Barker 12/19/96
How Much Protein do Athletes Need? Protein Lee Knight Caffery 4/21/97
Sports Drinks: Are they Effective in Improving Athletic Performance? Gatorade James Caldwell 4/21/97
Energy Bars: An Athlete's Friend or Foe? Energy Bars Ana Cintado 4/22/97
Exercise and disease prevention Exercise Kate Lovett 4/23/97
Does Creatine Supplementation Really enhance Athletic Performance? Creatine Brett Maurras 4/24/97
Essential Amino Acids as Ergogenic Aids Amino Keith Nichols 4/24/97
What is the Prevalance of Eating Disorders Among Female Athletes? Athletes Lee Knigh Caffery 4/27/97
Bulimic Behaviors Among Wrestlers Wrestle Bret Maurras 4/29/97
Reverse Anorexia in body Builders Buffed Bianca Hitt 4/29/97
Eating Disorders and Gymnastics Gymnast Ana Cintado 4/29/97
What is the Relationship Between Eating Disorders and Female Athletes? Athlete Keith Nichols 4/29/97


Grab some cabbage and canteloupe after you go jogging Cancerprev Lera Wenger 12/3/97
Amino acid supplements for body-building and exercise aminoacids Phillip Williams 12/3/97
Creatine Monohydrate Creatine Tavarus Hogans 12/8/97
Low Fat Diets, Aeorbic Exercise, and Weight Loss: How Does it all Fit? Lowfat Cammy Swafford 3/13/98
The Benefits of Running Running Elizabeth Sadler 3/13/98
Alternative Therapy for Alcohol Abuse Alcohol Miranda Pritt 3/16/98
Weight Issues in Wrestling Wrestle Mike Viscardi 3/16/98
Protein Power: Met-RX Protein Rebekah Gray 12/9/99
Caffeine in Athletes Caffeine Michelle Drinkard 12/9/99
HMB: A dietary supplement for building muscle? HMB Nick Vera 12/9/99
Anabolic Steroids: Is it worth it? Steroids Alika Moitra 12/18/99
Truth or tail of Androstenedione Andro Stephanie Keiber 12/8/98
Do sports that demand intensive training such as figure skating, running, and dance place an unhealthy emphasis on the weight and physical appearance of  athletes? appear Nancy Brown 2/4/99

Vanadyl Sulfate: Could it be a wonder drug for the future?

Vanadylsulfate Todd Peterson 12/7/98
Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation Creatine Estella Dotson 3/13/00

Herbal Sports Cream: Pain Killer, Magical Cure, Or a Placebo Effect?

SportsCream Tom Hildebrandt 3/13/00
The effects of mental imagery on athletic performance image Annie Plessinger 3/13/00
Wrestling practices and creatine monohydrate: A deadly combination? Wrestle Katie Dudash 3/14/00
Chromium picolinate and weight loss Chrome Amanda Allen 3/14/00
Tae Bo: Fitness craze or effective work out? Tae Bo Natalie Greer 3/14/00
The relationship between eating disorders and athletic participation Athlete Annie Plessinger 4/22/00
Anabolic Steroids: Not just for men anymore steroids Lindsay Sutton 10/31/00
Creatine and its Dangers danger Patrick Garrard 11/1/00
Exercise and Depression Exdep Najla Husseini 11/5/2000
Don't Stress out, Work out Stress_exercise Taylor Overstreet 11/5/2000
Caffeine and Sports Performance Caffeine Jack Hartley 11/5/2000


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