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Penis Enlargement Pills

Latreal Frazier

 A.  What is the purpose of this treatment/intervention?

             If you so happen to connect to the Internet, you may to run into many pop-up screens advertising penis enlargement pills.  They come in many brands such as Optim Rx, VIMAX, and Viacyn.  Penis enlargement pills are also offered as a natural or artificial supplement.  According to, the purposes of the pills are "to see massive and permanent gains in just a few weeks" increased confidence and sexual stamina, and for sexual partners to reach new orgasmic delights that they have never reached before." It is also supposed to provide permanent penis enlargement, control ejaculations, straighten the penis, double sex drive and stamina, produce more semen, and prevent prostate health and impotence.

B.  What is the rationale?  How is it supposed to achieve its purposes?  How does it supposedly work?

             As explained by, "your penis is like any other area of your body; if it is NOT exercised, then it will be unfit and weak. offers natural techniques from a copyrighted program that will increase penis size.  This program trains your erectile tissues:  Corpora Cavernosa, Corpus Spongisum, and Cavernosal artery by increasing the amount of blood the Corpora Cavernosa can hold.  The effects of this process are to gain a thicker and longer penis.  Basically, it's like if you "blow up a balloon with more air, you have a larger balloon." (  As for a penis, if it is filled with more blood, it becomes bigger.

C.  What claims are made about the effectiveness of this treatment?

One penis enlargement product, VIMAX, claims that they are effective because of the ingredients used.  Yohimbe is a key ingredient in VIMAX, which is "a tonic to enhance performance and virility.”  Yohimbe is extracted from the bark of an African tree and helps "by expanding blood vessels in  the penis, causing increased blood flow.  Next, Damiana is used to "improve both the desire and performance in men.  It serves as a "powerful aphrodisiac.  Also, Ginseng is included as it "increases energy, stamina and vitality.   One of its main causes is "to improve sexual performance and desire and to increase fertility.  Saw Palmetto helps prostate health and "increases libido, virility and performance.  Also, another effective ingredient is Ginko Biloba, which "improves circulation to the penis.

D.  What evidence, if any, is offered in support of these claims?

             Testimonials are provided for evidence and accreditation towards these claims of penis enlargement, improved vigor, and longer erections.   On the site, they provide numerous examples of how their product has worked effectively.  For instance, they state, "Rod 18 from Aus says: "I've always been uncomfortable when a woman first sees my erection because I was born with a pretty small cock.  Now that I've been using VIMAX for about 2 months now, I've noticed a significant gain in size!  Last week I met this hot chick at a local bar, and after some flirting, I got bold and put her hand right on my cock.  She practically dragged me out of the bar and back to her house.  I've never felt so confidant or performed like I do now.  Thank you for providing such a great product.  Now I know for sure chicks like a big penis. “Wow, this is really compelling.  They even offer testaments from women who have used the products on their sexual partners.  For instance, ?Linda from Washington says: "My husband has been using VIMAX for just over four months now and I have to say it’s made a tremendous change to our sex life.  Not only has the size of his penis grown which has greatly increased the sensation of making love for both of us but his erection is harder and last allot longer."  Every site that offers penis enlargements gives an account of how the product has worked for them or in their lives.

E.  Who is presenting this information, and why are they presenting it?

             No particular site provides an explanation of who and why they are presenting the information.  Obviously, these are companies out to make money, and it seems by offering a dream come true for men. However, many sites justify their products by claiming that they are “doctor developed and clinically approved," such as

F.  Expert Opinion   

             When asked if there are "medically sound ways to increase penis size” the results were quite different than expected.  First, according to Steven Gange, MD, "No natural pill has any ability whatsoever to enhance penile size. Even Viagra does nothing to permanently affect penile size?  (  These claims contradict the above arguments and testimonials about penis enlargement pills actually working.  In fact, according to Gange's article Penile Enlargement:  Fact or Phallacy, "there are no proven non-surgical methods of penile enlargement."  On the other hand, there are surgical procedures that can remove fat and place it in the penis for added width and/or length (Gange); however, this method and others have been named experimental and risky.  As Gange states, ?Two recent studies (one in 1994, the other in 1996) published in the Journal of Urology reported significant complications resulting from this surgery -- serious wound infections and penile deformity, such as lumpiness and asymmetry.? These results are definitely not advertised on the many pop-up advertisements that always appear on the screen.  In addition to this, "the surgery is still so controversial and yields such poor results that it is considered generally unacceptable by both the plastic surgery and urological communities."  This disputes the earlier contention that these penis enlargement products are "doctor developed and clinically proven" on websites that advertise these products.  So the big question is do penis enlargement pills actually work?  And the answer is NO, not at all.  Forget what the pop-up ads and the junk emails say.  They are all scams to get your money and just a waste of time.


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