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Mission: to strengthen partnerships and enhance collaboration in order to reduce the burden of obesity in Tennessee using systematic, comprehensive,multidisciplinary, and evidence-based strategies.

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Welcome to the Tennessee Obesity Task Force Evaluation Web Site

This is the evaluation web site for Tennessee Obesity Task Force. It is organized by action teams. Each action team has a button on the left side of the page. Most pages can be accessed only after logging into the site. If you believe you need a user account and password because you are part of an action team, contact your team leader.


Each team page has five functions:

  1. Workplan - this shows the milestones for each action team.
  2. Documents - this is a page that allows teams to upload and share important documents
  3. Resources - this is a page that allows team to upload and share general information and resources related to the action plan.
  4. People - this is a list of the team members and includes ability to communicate via email.
  5. News - this is a page where links to media stories and other news relevant to the action team can be posted

The functions are based on tables that are securely stored on the server.  Each table has buttons that allow you to:

  1. Add a new row to the table
  2. Upload a file to the server and add a link to the file to the table
  3. Edit a table
  4. Email a copy of the table to yourself or to someone else

The buttons at the top of the page allow users to:

  1. Home - Quickly return to this page
  2. Print - Send the current page to a printer
  3. Contact - Access a list of key program contacts
  4. Process Evaluation - Enter process evaluation forms
  5. Log on -  Use your user name and password to log onto the web site
  6. Administer Site - Those with administrator accounts can access and view additional features



IIf you would like to become involved in the TOT, or receive further information, please contact: , 615 936-2909

If you want more information about this web site, or if you are having problems using it, contact Dr. David Schlundt: (615)322-7800

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