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Electronic Pulse Muscle Stimulating Machines

Do they work


Raphael McKenzie


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Table of Contents


  1. Why would you want to use this system
  2. What the Electronic Muscle Stimulation system does
  3. How to use the product
  4. Other uses
  5. Testimonies
  6. Documented Proof
  7. What can't it do that exercise can
  8. Conclusion


Why Would You Want to Use This System


Most donít have the time or do not feel like working out every single day for a couple of hours or even an hour to achieve the type of toned body that they wish to achieve. Well, according to some claims by different electronic muscle stimulation companies you donít have to ever again. According those companies their muscle toning systems are an effective method of toning muscle groups and help build them as well.



What the Electronic Muscle Stimulation System does



The claim of this machine is that it will change your figure into a muscular form, which is toned and defined. It does this by using electronic pulses to your muscles, which react by contracting and relaxing as they would during regular exercise. As stated by the companies the "abstoning" system is made to work your muscles so that you don't. Sounds almost to good to be true and when it sounds that way it usually is that way also. The product is supposed to show improvement when used daily for three weeks. But, the company also doesn't state how often the product is supposed to be used daily. For all that the consumer could know, this could mean for 24 hours a day and that just isn't possible. So one must wonder why the company would so vague on something that needs and deserves much more specification.



How to use the Product







Using the machine seems to be a very easy process, yet almost too easy to get anything done. This process starts by connecting the six pulse pads to the appliance. Next the person cover the points where the pads touch the skin with a conductive gel. This gel is so the current can pass through the machine to your skin. Then you are supposed to attach the pads to your body and turn the contraption on. Then the product should take effect and produce the desired results.



Other uses



The machine is also endorsed by the company to be a muscle relaxer as well. There is another apparatus called the TENS (Transcultaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation) pain relief unit. The TENS unit sends smaller electrical impulses through the skin to stimulate the nerves in the treatment area. They claim that it can reduce or eliminate pain sensation that the client feels. This statement does not imply that the procedure will work but only that the procedure could work. To have so much confidence in their product the company has much uncertainty.




There were not any truly reliable testimonies that were given. There was one physician who actually worked day to day with fitness apparatuses and would have any insight on how high-quality the machine truly is and all the rest of the testimonies were given by people whose testimony could be considered shaky at best. But even though the physician's claim honored the claims of the company, for there to be an accurate evaluation there needs to be many credible sources such as doctors or practicing physical trainers who could present more insight on the question at hand.



Documented Proof



There is not much documented proof on the aspect of using electronic pulses to tone or for that matter build muscle, but there have been studies on using it to relax muscles or even prevent further injury to persons who are incapacitated or paralyzed. The main experiments have been done on the spinal cord in order to stimulate the muscle into having a physical reaction by making the muscles contract in the way that the people wish for it to do. Regrettably, there were no results found for evidence of the electronic pulses through the skin toward muscles working as an effective way of toning or building muscle up in the body.



What Can't It Do That Exercise Can



Even if the machine by the slightest chance were able to do what it promised, it still would not provide the cardiovascular exercise that running, lifting, and other natural exercise would provide. This product would in no way improve your stamina or ability. The best and most efficient form of getting into shape is and will always be natural exercise. It will never fail to produce the results that you would need.





There is information that is present which makes this product seem somewhat doubtful in its promises. Any evidence that would support their case is very unreliable. They present their product to work very well, but they do not present the proof that shows that the product works as well as they say it does. They did provide a 14 day money back guarantee, but also according to their return policy which they did not state at their web site. That is very misleading to the user of the product because as far as they know the return policy starts when the company sends the product. Then what about the fees for return the product: postage, shipping and handling charges. These things all show more over how unstable there product may be. A lot of people say that they make the best, but very few can prove it.



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