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Trimming the Fat While Enhancing the Mood? 

The Facts Behind Relacore


Whitney L. Whiteside


Date: 10/14/2006



What is Relacore?


“Relacore is a non-sedating, mild, anti-anxiety mood enhancer that reduces stress induced cortisol production by helping to minimize stress” ( It is a supplemental diet pill which claims to attack “belly fat caused by excess cortisol” (


Known as a supplemental diet pill, Relacore is one of the many new products on the market with claims to specifically target belly fat related to mild stress and anxiety, all while increasing energy.


How Does It Work?


Relacore is said to work by attacking the fat caused by the stress hormone Cortisol. Cortisol has been scientifically proven to cause excess fat in the waist area ( By reducing stress caused by anxiety and elevating the mood and energy, the makers of Relacore claim to be able trim the belly fat. Many commercials make this claim but few actually include the part about including a proper diet and exercise program (


The questionable part about these claims is that cortisol is only produced in excess in situations which the body generally has no control over such as a medication which may induces stress therefore stimulating the production of cortisol. In addition to this fact there are no ingredients which have an effect on cortisol levels (


What Are The Ingredients?


It is very questionable of the makers of Relacore why they do not publish the ingredients of their supplement on their webpage. In order to find the ingredients I had to search the general web for them. That should make one wonder about the integrity of a company and its product. Relacore is jam packed with plenty of vitamins such as B1, B6, B12, and Vitamin C. Thee is also a significant amount of Biotin, pantothenic acid as far as percent daily values go. There is also a special proprietary blend the ingredient Relacortin. Relacortin includes;



Many of the ingredients found in the Relacortin are hard to find and those that are found have little to no apparent usefulness to the product. As mentioned earlier, there are no ingredients which contribute to the reduction or loss of cortisol.


Is Relacore Safe?


 Relacore is loaded with normal vitamins found in the daily diet and includes several natural ingredients often found in other products. There have been little to no reports of any ill side effects.


What Do People Have To Say About Relacore?


These are personal testimonials posted by Consumer Health Digest online I(


Kate - Los Angeles, California, USA
I started taking Relacore 2 1/2 months ago. I have lost 8 pounds. I thought I would lose more weight than that. I expected great things from this product but got mediocre results. I will finish what I have and see if I lose any more weight.

Yolanda- San Antonio, Texas, USA
I started taking the relacore 5 weeks ago. I have seen a big difference. Since I've taken relacore it has cut my appetite down to almost nothing. I've lost about 15 lbs. I didn't have the energy to do these until I started taking relacore. So it does work.


Haley- Tupelo, Mississippi, USA
I have tried both cortidrene and relacore. I am sticking with cortidrene. I can't believe the way it has helped me. I am much calmer. The cortidrene really makes me feel wonderful. It has also helped me lose the little bulge around the middle that seemed to be there forever! I have to be honest, relacore did help me lose weight but it did not make me feel any different. I will keep on using cortidrene. I would recommend it to anyone that may feel even a little stressed out.


Penny - Memphis, Tennessee, USA
I started taking relacore only 9 days ago, expecting to be let down again. Not hardly! After only 2 days I had a wonderful sense of calm, I am a very anxious person, I haven been this calm in years! I would take this product just for this reason! I noticed my clothes looser after about five days. I know this product works!

Kristen - Duluth, Minnesota, USA
I have been on relacore for 4 months now. I have not lost a single pound. I would not recommend this product. It does not make me feel any less stressed. It does not help me lose any weight. It did make me feel stupid for buying it.


Victoria - San Francisco, California, USA
I have been taking Relacore for about 5 weeks now. During that time, I have probably lost about 3 or 4 pounds. More importantly, I have lost inches from my waist and thighs. I have read other accounts in this column where people are disappointed because they have taken Relacore for three weeks and lost 7 or 8 pounds. Honestly, I think that is great. Doctors suggest that when people wish to lose weight and maintain that weight loss, they should lose no more than 1 to 2 pounds per week. Perhaps, people expect too much if 7 pound in three weeks is not satisfactory


Cassie - Painesville, Ohio, USA
I tried Relacore. It did not work well for me. I tried Cortidrene and it did work for me. Cortidrene is a great product. I had a question regarding my order and the customer service girl that helped me was wonderful. She explained when the product would be delivered. She even explained how to take the product. She even had helpful hints about eating properly. I would recommend this to anyone!!!


Shay - Chicago, Illinois, USA
I just wanted to let some of the people checking know that not all things are going to work for everyone, but I put my finance on Relacore 1 month ago and we changed his diet and started the exercise, and he has dropped 10 lbs., and he has noticed the lose of inches in his waist and more energy and a lot happier so it is working for him and we couldn't be happier.



The website called Diet Pill Advisor ( has a four star rating system based on the merits of the ability to reduce appetite, burn fat, increase energy, and for accurate labeling. Based on these criteria, Relacore received a rating of one half-star. Each category is considered a star and the half star was achieved in the category of labeling. It was explained in each case why Relacore did not receive its star for each category and it was for very good reasons in each case.



In the appetite, Relacore did not obtain a positive rating because of the fact that it does not contain any of the active ingredients known to suppress appetite ( This was also shown to be true when personally looking at any of the ingredients in the proprietary blend, Relacortin.


Fat Burn

Once again Relacore fails to meet standards due to the fat that is does not contain the known ingredients for burning fat. If the do it is not the ones that would meet the Diet Pill Advisors Standards. They prefer the ones which are “top quality” (



The lack of top quality effective ingredients, known to increase energy in the reason, yet again, why Relacore did not receive any type of credit for its energy increasing claims ( .



Although as a consumer I found it hard to find a listing of the ingredients Relacore still managed to receive a half star rating. The reason for their achievement is that they did provide a breakdown of the ingredients and its dosage ( . Their downfall came in the lack of breakdown of the proprietary blend.



            There were no empirical or clinical studies I could find on the product Relacore.

Relacore seems like a very “dependent” drug. Its effectiveness seems to depend on the users’ main reason for taking the product. For some, the main purpose was to lose weight and for about half of those with that goal in mind, the goal was effectively achieved. It is quite apparent though, that Relacore is not for those who wish to lose excessive amounts of weight. Many of the people taking Relacore saw a gradual reduction in weigh over several weeks and eventually months’ time.

            For those who are taking Relacore for the treatment of mild anxiety there seems to be a more positive tone in the area of testimonials. They reported feeling more relaxed and having more energy. Any increase from, mild to great most reports were found to be ones with positive tone while those with whose main intent was to lose weight did not give high praises if they did not achieve their goals.

            Those wishing to increase energy while losing weight at the same the same time have contrasting results with around half of those leaving testimonials either favoring or disapproving of the product.

            For those who are taking Relacore for the all around claims, there is very little to no support in the way of effectiveness of these claims, from personal testimonies to empirical or

            Those taking Relacore and leaving testimonials seem to be settling because of what seems to be a dilemma of daily interaction. They seem to feel that is they are doing better in one case they cannot ask for more and should be happy with what they get. I think that if wanting to take a supplemental diet pill which helps trim fat, there are better options out there and people can simply look to the reliability of the sites as well as check up on the active ingredients in the supplement. Several companies selling similar products are under investigations for cases of fraud because their supplements are not living up to the claims they make ( I think that the claims being made are very strong and should be taken into question by those in authority which includes consumers as well as those who sell the product.

I don’t think that Relacore is a very good product mainly because it does not necessarily do what it claims to do. When half of the people taking the medication are getting mixed results which in turn may or may not do all if any of what it says it will do, there is problem. The credibility of the producers is questionable due to the unavailability of information of active ingredients and the run around one must do to get critical information on Relacore.





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